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Hafiz Kassam, MD, FRCSC

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Board Certification

  • American Board of Orthopedic Surgery 

  • Royal College of Surgeons of Canada 


Yale University, United States


University of Toronto, Canada

Medical School

Manchester Royal Infirmary, England


University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Headshot of Dr. Hafiz Kassam

“I care for all of my patients as I would a member of my own family -- with kindness and thoughtful planning."

Why Dr. Kassam Is the Right Specialist for You

World-Class Training

Having trained at renowned institutions in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, Dr. Kassam is well-versed in the world's leading approaches to orthopedics.


After completing his undergraduate work and medical training in the United Kingdom, he completed his residency at the University of Toronto -- one of the largest and most academically productive orthopedic programs in North America. He then moved to the United States and completed his shoulder and elbow fellowship training at Yale University.

Expertise and Experience

Dr. Kassam's high-volume practice is almost exclusively dedicated to shoulder and elbow care. He has performed more than 1,000 shoulder replacements and 1,000 arthroscopic reconstructions so far.


Specialization allows Dr. Kassam the depth of knowledge and experience to make nuanced diagnoses, develop effective treatment plans and achieve better outcomes. Many studies demonstrate that shoulder procedures performed by high-volume specialists have lower complication rates and are less likely to need revision surgery than those performed by lower-volume generalists.

Sought-Out Revision Expert: Unique, Complex, and High-Risk Cases

Patients who suffer from chronic pain, severe bone loss, or failing implants are often referred to Dr. Kassam as their best bet. He is one of the few physicians in Southern California who specializes in revision shoulder and elbow surgery, tendon transfer operations, advanced soft tissue reconstructions, and arthroscopic bony stabilization procedures.


In dealing with revision surgery, Dr. Kassam has developed valuable foresight that is critical to getting it done right the first time.

Leadership in Shoulder & Elbow Care

Dr. Kassam is an active member on his specialty's national stage. He is the Program Director of OC Shoulder -- a medical education conference that gathers leading experts from around the country. He is regularly invited as faculty at national courses on shoulder and elbow surgery and is currently a member of several multi-center research initiatives. His involvement in these forums keeps him informed of the latest technologies and cutting-edge techniques in the industry.


Dr. Kassam is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the Arthroscopy Association of North America as well as the highly selective society of American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons.

Research and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Believing in evidence-based choices for his patients and improving outcomes in modern orthopedics, Dr. Kassam is also a well-published clinician-scientist. He is well-acquainted with the array of implant devices such as biologic augmentation grafts, minimally invasive arthroscopic implants, and bone sparing replacement designs, which helps him optimize outcomes and ensure a quick and full recovery for his patients.


Dr. Kassam has authored numerous original scientific research studies, technique guides, and textbook chapters, presenting his work on both the national and international stages. Furthermore, he sits on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty.

Sports Medicine & Performance

An avid sportsman himself, Dr. Kassam is uniquely situated to understand the needs of competitive athletes and the difficulties they can encounter. He competed internationally as a ranked middleweight boxer before attending medical school. He also rowed competitively and experienced first-hand the pain and frustration stemming from sports injuries. 


Dr. Kassam is passionate about his work with athletes and people whose jobs are physically demanding. He approaches each of his patients with empathy and sound judgment to ensure they all achieve their best possible outcomes. He takes a particular interest in contact sports coverage such as mixed martial arts, jiu-jitsu, and football. He is currently a Ringside Physician for USA Boxing as well as the Team Physician for Corona Del Mar HS Varsity Football and has previously served as a Team Physician for Yale Varsity Athletics.

Doctor in the Dugout

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Dr. Kassam joins Drs. Beyer and Kaplan on Doctor in the Dugout on Angels Radio. Listen in as he discusses his winding path from boxing to orthopedic surgery. Learn what he has to say about treatment options for shoulder and elbow injuries and when to seek specialist care.

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